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Choosing a life partner used to be so much easier!

In ages past, choosing a life partner was so much easier. Ever wonder why that is? Mostly, it was easier ...
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Are you saying: “Thank you, Next!” too quickly?

As a professional matchmaker, I sometimes ask myself: “Does this person actually want to meet someone? Or do they just ...
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Getting to know a new partner: how vulnerability fosters closeness

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to take all of the suggested first-date advice and just ...
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Talking to your kids about their dating lives

Although it’s never easy to know just how to approach the subject, it’s a conversation that needs to happen: talking to ...
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Quit fooling yourself. He’s just not into you.

He’s just not into you, and that’s okay. Trust me, I’ve been there before. What I mean by that is, ...
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Do your social media accounts reflect your current relationship status? 

Relationship status on social media is something a lot of people don’t consider, though they should. In my experience, it’s ...
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Your Personal Brand: You, Optimized!

Working with a professional matchmaker is a little different than just jumping into the dating pool. Face it: you’ve decided ...
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Why you should hire a professional matchmaker

You’re a busy professional. Your time is valuable. Your schedule is so water-tight that there really isn’t a lot of ...
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What types of people are working with matchmakers?

You probably see a lot of articles about what a matchmaker can do for you, but did you ever wonder ...
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What type of partner is the best match for you?

Some people will put a lot of emphasis on physical attraction or a certain personality type when they are describing ...
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