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Prioritizing Your Partner for a Healthy, Happy Relationship

It’s no secret that a healthy relationship is good for your children to see and be apart of. What more could you want then to have your kids want to emulate you for the love and caring you have for your spouse? Your children

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Legal separation is not a divorce.But, this does not mean a person who is separated cannot or should not date. There are a million reasons why they may not have taken that final step (divorce). But, just because they haven’t, it shouldn’t prevent them from being happy and moving on with their li

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We always encourage our clients to be open-minded about their potential partners. Some of our most successful matches have been between a client and a match that they least expected for themselves.

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After years of being single, when you decide it’s time to move on and start dating again, it opens up a whole new dimension in your life. But if your adult children are having a difficult time accepting the fact that you’re moving on, you might start to question yourself and your choices. You

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… but got it together before she let it slip away

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In ages past, choosing a life partner was so much easier. Ever wonder why that is? Mostly, it was easier because there were fewer ways to go about doing it. Plus, people seemed to be more open-minded in terms of getting to know someone over a period of time to see if there was a real connection.

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As a professional matchmaker, I sometimes ask myself: “Does this person actually want to meet someone? Or do they just want to tell themselves that they tried?” Do they want to make a serious effort to get to know themselves and see others as potential life partners? Or are they d

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to take all of the suggested first-date advice and just throw it out the door? How would it be if, instead of asking fluffy questions that lead to a safe conversation, you just jumped right into the heavy, hard-hitting subjects? Would you even

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Although it’s never easy to know just how to approach the subject, it’s a conversation that needs to happen: talking to our children about THEIR dating lives. No matter how you feel about it, it’s going to happen. One day, your child will not be so child- like anymore. Puberty, hormones, fe

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He’s just not into you, and that’s okay.

Trust me, I’ve been there before. What I mean by that is, I have dated men (*ahem* … they acted more like boys!) and put 120 percent into what was really a hopelessly lame situation that was clearly going nowhere. Looking back, I think of a

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