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by Rebecca Cooper-Traynor

How Singles Are Meeting Their Match During the Pandemic

In the early days of the pandemic, many people hit the pause button on certain aspects of their lives. With all the time spent at home, there’s been a lot of opportunity for personal growth and reflection. We’ve learned more about ourselves and what’s important to us, and many of us got a huge amount of value from it in discovering—or rediscovering—what really brings us joy. Newsflash – it wasn’t late-night meetings, hours in the car, or shopping for things just for the sake of it.

Singles, in particular, learned how important it was to have a deep connection with someone, and many made a solid effort to find that.

Will Dating Ever Be The Same Again?

Even though pandemic dating is a lot more complicated than it is was before the health crisis, it’s actually better in many ways.

We’ve had to slow everything down and go back to an almost old-fashioned kind of getting-to-know-you approach. Most connections these days start with talking over the phone or on a video chat. Because of this, we are taking the time to be more vulnerable and sharing meaningful conversations in an effort to find that connection before moving on to socially distanced walks or other safe activities.

Finding Deeper Connections

When we take the time to get to know someone over the phone or via video chat first,we make better choices in love. There are so many wonderful stories of people making deep, heartfelt connections because they spent a lot of time—sometimes over weeks or even months—talking before meeting in person. Because of the restrictions we’re under, it might be even longer still before a couple decides to take COVID tests and become safely intimate. The anticipation of finally getting together is very exciting, sweet, and romantic. Though anything could happen, the chance of creating a lasting connection is so much better, simply because you’ve taken that time.

Pre-COVID Dating Wasn’t Working

Let’s admit it, pre-COVID dating wasn’t working for many people. Typically, you’d hardly speak, maybe sharing a few texts, before meeting in person. Then, both would leave the date feeling disappointed because they did not feel a spark.

Things are different now. In the era of the Zoom date, singles are prioritizing the connection first before meeting in person, and it works! Which means, of course, more people are finding love – and when you’re dating, that’s always the goal, whether you want to admit it or not.

The pandemic has and will continue to bring us many relationships, long-lasting romances, and deep connections. A big reason for this is that we’ve necessarily had to work on our communication skills, given the trend toward remote work. A key component for any successful long-term relationship is effective communication, and yet, many people still struggle with this. As a result, people are learning to express themselves, ask for help, and be more vulnerable.

Let’s Keep Dating This Way

My wish for post-pandemic dating is that people use what they have learned and apply them going forward. People are more real right now. They share their deepest secrets, are looking for genuine connection, and care less about what others think about their choices. We are generally less concerned about trying to impress and more interested in finding deep connection and mental/intellectual stimulation. When we prioritize these ideals, we lay the groundwork for lasting relationships.

Dating during the pandemic has its fair share of challenges, but many singles have put themselves out there, made the best out of the situation, and won! So if you think you can’t find love just because you can’t be out there looking for it – think again. All it takes is a little courage and a willingness to open your heart.

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