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by Rebecca Cooper Traynor

The truth about dating older men

If you are in the market for a serious relationship and you haven’t considered dating outside of your age group, you might be missing out. Many women in their 20’s and 30’s actually prefer dating men who are 10 or more years older than they are, and there are plenty of good reasons why. Of course, there are bound to be challenges – you may not enjoy the same music, for instance, and you might not share the same generational concerns – but even more importantly, there are a lot of positives that you may not have taken the time to consider.


He doesn’t play mind games

Often, younger men are still hedging their bets. They don’t know exactly what they want, and will enter into a cat-and-mouse game with you simply because they don’t know any better. Older men have likely been through that before, and have already put it in the past. They are self-assured, confident, and don’t have time to play games.


He is often more established in his career

If you are dating men your own age, they are likely just building a career, and if they are dedicated to it, they may not have a lot of time for you. A more mature man will be more established in their life, and will have already reached some of the goals they have set for themselves. As you advance in your own career, you can benefit from his experience, his confidence, and the financial security that comes with it.


He is more financially stable

While starting a relationship that is based solely on money is not a good idea, if you are dating an older man it is quite likely that he is far more financially responsible than a man your own age. While men in their 20’s will have more potential to blow all of their money on frivolous things for themselves, older men are more likely to have some stashed away, and may actually be able to take you away on a romantic vacation, or splurge on a spa weekend for two.


He is more experienced

Experience has many layers: life experience, romantic experience, and bedroom experience. Such a man will use his experience to open your eyes to new and wonderful things, and this can be an exhilarating ride in many ways. Additionally, somebody who has ‘been around the block’ a few more times than you can often deliver great advice on how to get through certain milestones, like buying your first house, or making the most of your investments.


He knows what he wants

An older man, whether he has been married before or not, has had years to discover things about himself – what he likes, what he doesn’t like – and he’s not constantly going around in circles trying to figure out where his life is headed. You won’t have to wonder where you’re going to fit in with his lifestyle 10 years from now, and getting to skip that kind of anxiety, which often comes standard in a younger man, is well worth it.


Stronger communication, more affection

Dating older men comes with the added benefit of having a more confident, self-assured partner who knows how to communicate. They are much more grateful for the things that they have in their life, and they don’t sweat the small stuff. They are more receptive to giving and receiving affection, and won’t have a meltdown about your male friends or coworkers. They will be protective of you without being clingy or overbearing, and you can count on them to have a clear head about most things.

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All in all, these are a lot of plusses in favor of dating older men! So, if you have not yet considered the possibility of dating a man 10 to 20 years your senior, maybe you should re-think your strategy. They might not want to go to a rave with you (then again, maybe they will!), but you can count on a more mature outlook on just about every aspect of being in a committed relationship. While nobody’s forcing you to grow up, it might just help you evolve into the person you envision yourself to be.

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