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by Rebecca Cooper-Traynor

What types of people are working with matchmakers?

You probably see a lot of articles about what a matchmaker can do for you, but did you ever wonder what we look for in a client?


Yes – we do have an ideal of the “perfect” client, and since the Match Me Canada brand is quality-minded, we tend to think that our clients should be too.


The success we have had at is based on teamwork. We are all working towards a single goal, and it’s all about you. The clients we choose to work with – let’s just say, not everyone is the right fit. We have to feel that our efforts, and your commitment are aligned in order to assure the best possible chance at success. We prefer to work with people who are positive, open-minded, and feel good about what we have to offer, because we need to know that you’re as determined as we are to connect you with your perfect match.


Our “perfect client” profile:

Socially skilled

Our typical client has a busy social life, plenty of friends, and is out and about meeting people on their own. Some are even involved with other online dating sites – they are 100% committed to our service, but they also know that their chances are better if they are putting themselves out there.


Emotionally balanced

We like to work with people who are in a good emotional place. They will be well past any pain of previous relationships, and are in a good, positive mindset about the future. They are ultimately focused on where they are headed, who they want to meet, and many have spent a good amount of time and energy getting to that place.


Open minded

We feel that where relationships are concerned, it’s really important to have an open mind. Match Me clients are excited about finding that perfect someone, and they appreciate our efforts in seeking out the best possible match for them. Our dating professionals have insights that go far beyond appearances and surface compatibilities, and our track record really speaks for itself. We match people based on compatibility, so are generally introducing people who share a lot of common interests, but we like to also bring people together who are very different, and can bring something new into the equation.


That said, your happiness is our absolute priority, and we always have your best interests in mind. By agreeing to work with us, you are putting your heart in our hands, and we take that very seriously.


What does the perfect client look like?

Our perfect client is accomplished and successful, and places a lot of value on their professional life. Their career means a great deal to them; this is why many professionals come to us – they are very busy, and want to keep their search confidential. Most of them have everything going for them in their lives, but they just don’t know how to go about meeting that special somebody. This is where we come in: we screen people specifically for you, and what’s not to enjoy about that? it’s a real luxury to have a kind of ‘dating assistant’ who does all of that just for you!


Health is another integral aspect of their life. Most are physically active and live a healthy lifestyle, whether that means they are attending the gym regularly, or are involved in some other sport or workout routine. They pay attention to what they eat, they are focused on their own wellbeing, and they want to find someone with whom they can enjoy the rest of their lives.


Which is exactly what we want too …  


Your own private relationship guru

Our clients are our biggest advocates, and many refer us to their friends. This could be either because they have had good results with us themselves, or they have a lot of faith in what we do. They like the range of services that we offer, whether it’s some advice before a first date, a little relationship intel, or maybe they just need to speak to somebody confidentially about their date – what went right, what went wrong.


Sometimes, clients like to get us involved simply as a listening ear, such as if they are considering becoming intimate with their partner, or if they are ready to introduce their partner to their children. They talk to us because they might not be ready to get their friends or family involved just yet. We find that once you confide in your friends and family about your relationship search, then your private dating life is always going to be a point of discussion. To them, it’s exciting, and the people that love you want to hear about what’s going on in your life, whether you are meeting people successfully or if you’re having challenges. Sometimes, this can feel intrusive. As you go through the process, we’re with you all the way – confidentially, and with absolute discretion. You can divulge the whole story when you’re good and ready!


We encourage our clients to lean on us, and want you to feel that you can always reach out when you need a little perspective. We want you to be open to the dating advice and assistance we offer, and also the relationship support. Once you are in a long-term relationship, we are still here when you need us, ready to help you take the next step, guiding you through any challenges that you might encounter along the way. It’s our way of reaffirming our commitment to your happiness. Don’t forget – it’s all about you.


Match Me Canada

Do you see yourself in our client profile? Call Match Me Canada today, or fill out our confidential questionnaire to get started. Your perfect match is out there, and we’d love to help you find them!