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by Rebecca Cooper Traynor

First Date 101 – Back to the Basics

Whether you are new to the dating scene or a veteran, figuring out the etiquette on how to act on a date can be frustrating. It should be simple but for some unknown reason common sense goes to the waste side when you step into date world.  It is time to reign in the crazy and get back to the basics. Before you venture on a first date here are a few suggestions of what to do and not do on your date.


Who doesn’t love a bit of well-placed profanity?  A good swear word can truly take a conversation up a notch. But alas, it has no place on a first date.  A first date is really a discovery meeting, allowing someone to get a better sense of who you are. For a few hours leave your sailor mouth at home.  As the conversation builds you will quickly discover if your date also shares an affinity for the profane.


Please shower before your date. Comb your hair. If you wear makeup, put it on. Please use deodorant. Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident, attractive and comfortable.  This is not meant to belittle or demean you.  On the contrary, this information is for your date.  When someone decides to present his or her unkempt self to you upon the initial meeting take that as a huge red flag.


While tequila may be your lady, do not bring her with you on your initial rendezvous. Going for a drink is a nice idea, it will help quell any nervousness that either you or your date may share.  Yes, a drink may subdue any jitters and a second drink may banish all nerves. Except, by the third drink your date is starting to look and sound better.  The issue with drinking is that your thought process may be skewed.  Go for a coffee, tea, half-calf low-fat hold the sugar latte, heck take a trip on the wild side and enjoy an ice cream cone.   Regardless of your drink of choice, ensure that you give the date the opportunity for clarity.


There is something to be said for sharing too much information.  You want the conversation to progress with ease. If you are lucky, your wish is granted.  As the banter moves forward you find yourself divulging more than you thought you would.  You know, that time you were arrested, or that glorious summer at band camp. Stop. This is a first date.  Go easy on the deep dark secrets.  Save those for the sequel.

A first date is your moment to shine and bring your best self.  Take the time and the effort to impress you.  If you feel confident, happy and sexy, just imagine the impact you will have on your date.

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