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Date Coaching

As one of Toronto’s most beloved matchmaking services, Match Me Canada is known for personal service that gets right to the heart of the matter. Date coaching is a way to prepare you for the journey towards your perfect match, a sort of training ground for true love that gives you a better chance of reaching your goals.

It’s all about you

Date coaching puts a macro lens on you and your dating persona, zeroing in on what you want in a relationship and helping you focus on what’s important with the goal of accelerating your chances for success.

Finding love is a process. Just like anything else you strive for in life, to progress to the next level, you first need to master the process. Whether you are striving for a professional objective or focused on achieving a personal best, there is so much value in having the right people in your corner. Such trusted expertise will always give you a better chance of reaching yourultimate goal and, when it comes to love, we offer support you can trust.


Proven track record of success

Match Me Canada has helped hundreds of successful, quality singles just like you to find happiness with a cherished partner and illuminating the path along the love’s journey.

Our desires are much like yours: we want nothing more than to help you find that special someone, and we want to give you the support and experience you need to improve your chances of finding the kind of relationship you desire.

While you may feel comfortable enough to speak to your family and friends about the intimate details of your life, they are not experts. Though they are well-meaning and undoubtedly have your best interests at heart, they are invested in you emotionally and biased in a way that may actually steer you further away from realizing your goals.

At Match Me Canada, we genuinely care, but we aren’t your best friends.We won’t tell you what you want to hear; we’ll tell you what you need to hear. We will ask you to be accountable and show you how to be clear about your goals, identify your blind spots, focus your efforts on what’s important, let go of what’s not, and give you a much better chance of realizing your true potential in a future that you will create for yourself.

After all, along the long and winding road that is your life, you are the most valued player.

Our coaches have many years of experience and a proven track record of success in the dating industry. Working as a team, we are compassionate, understanding, supportive, positive-minded, and great listeners – visionaries, every one of us, each with the sole purpose of keeping you focused on the result – finding you your perfect match.

If you would like to learn more about what we do and how we can help, email us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation today.


Date Coaching Package

Match Me Canada’s Date Coaching Package is designed to provide you with the support, guidance, and expertise you need to find and maintain a healthy and happy long-term relationship. As one of Toronto’s most successful matchmaking services, we’ve helped hundreds of singles find their heart’s desire.If your love story is an open book, think of us as your illustrator, your editor, your muse.


About our process

We want nothing more than to be a part of your love story. You can think of us as your best friends – not the ones that stand on the sidelines and allow you to make tragic mistakes, but the ones that will tell it like it is and give you the straight-up advice you need to finally get it right!


Complete discretion guaranteed

We know from our current and past coaching clients that, initially, they were nervous about starting the process.Once we connected, however, they found it easy to open up and to be transparent,confident in our insight and complete discretion. They liked that we were there to support them without being connected to them either personally or in business. This gave them the freedom to be completely open and honest about their dating lives and to allow us to help them in ways they never thought possible.

We feel privileged to be involved in such an important aspect of people’s lives, but we are content to remain in the background. We are that silent partner that nobody ever needs to know about, your secret weapon in the quest for love and the ultimate cheerleader when the way becomes clear.


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