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Toronto’s favourite personalized matchmaking service since 2009

Match Me Canada was conceived of passion – and what better beginnings could there be for a matchmaking service? Our storied track record of success includes matching hundreds of happy couples who are now living their dream in Canada’s most vital and vibrant city.

Our clients are established, successful and accomplished. Most are between the ages of 30-65, and live/work in Toronto or the GTA. Many are university or college educated, articulate, well-traveled, and identify themselves as professionals in their respective fields. Above all, these are dynamic and determined people who know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to find their perfect fit.

Do you enjoy statistics? Here’s a few for you:

  • 70% of our matchmaking clients are dating or in a long-term relationship as a result of our efforts.
  • 40% have never been married
  • 2% are legally separated
  • 51% are divorced
  • 7% are widows or widowers

If you would like to learn more about our services, our process or our team, call to set up a consultation, or email us today. Your perfect match is out there – let’s get you two together!

A discerning Toronto matchmaker for a discerning clientele

At Match Me Canada, we firmly believe that everybody is better when they have the right partner. This is what we have built our matchmaking reputation on – using every means possible to find your perfect match. Our process has many layers, starting with a personal consultation so that we can get to know each other better. You will meet with our Dating Mentor, Image Consultant, Life and Wellness Coaches as we develop your detailed personal profile. Our matchmaking search begins with our internal database of quality Toronto singles, from which we branch outwards using our online and in-person social connections whenever appropriate. With a deep (and some say innate) instinct for matchmaking, we leave no stone unturned in our quest – some say our methods are a little crazy, and maybe a little grass-roots – but with our track record of success and a team as passionate about love as we are, we feel quite justified.

Of course, nobody, no matter how wonderful or talented, can guarantee a lasting relationship, that is entirely up to you two. At Matchmaker Canada, what we can guarantee is that each and every potential match will be pre-screened to suit your individual preferences. The entire process, from our initial meeting to your first match, takes 4 – 5 weeks on average. Your membership begins when you meet your first match.

What you can count on from Match Me Canada? First and foremost, your privacy is very important to us. Our top priority is to provide a safe, discreet and private matchmaking experience that you can trust. Additionally, every single we introduce to you is pre-screened specifically for you. If you are tired of wasting time with online dating sites, blind dates set up by well-meaning friends and colleagues or going to singles events that make you feel like a commodity, call Match Me Canada today and discover a better way to find love.

Match Me Canada has more successful matches every year than any other matchmaking agency

How do we do it? In a nutshell, it’s all about you. But it’s about us too: we need to decide if we are a good fit (you with our team) before we move forward. Just like any fulfilling relationship, we must work together to bring your goals into focus. We won’t work with people ‘just because’ they are single. You need to find value in our service, and we need to feel that we can deliver on our promise to you. Anything less would be unfair.

You will notice many differences between Match Me Canada and other Toronto matchmakers.

Among them, we rely less on photographs than others do, as we find photographs create unreasonable expectations. Our singles are attractive, fit, in excellent health, smart and successful. Of course, we always take your ‘type’ into account, if you have one. We may ask you to share photos of exes you still find attractive and we always provide descriptions if requested, but we prefer to allow your own impressions to be the catalyst when you meet in person. Because as we all know, chemistry doesn’t lie.

Our Winning Team

Founded by Rebecca Cooper-Traynor, Match Me Canada’s formula for matchmaking success is in our multi-disciplinary team. While Rebecca’s talent is in matchmaking and in business, we augment our insight and expertise with several other specialties, all designed to complement and enhance the matchmaking process. Our team includes:

  • Professional image consulting
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Self-fulfillment coaching
  • Relationship and dating mentoring
  • Dating improvement coaching
  • Astrology and spiritual advice
  • Introduction specialists

To meet the team and find out more about us personally, click here. Ready to dive in? Drop us a line or fill out our confidential client questionnaire and get started today.