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Wendy from Toronto – I have recommended Rebecca Cooper-Traynor to all of my single friends already so I was happy to provide this testimonial for the Match Me Canada website.

I am now five months into a wonderful new relationship Rebecca arranged for me.  It is of course early to know what the long-term future holds but I believe I have had enough experience with Rebecca’s service and character to comment on that.

I first contacted Rebecca three years ago.  At that time, after eight years of being single but occupied as a lawyer and mother, I just wanted to “dip my toe in” and find out how the service worked.  I was impressed with how genuine and professional Rebecca was but, for various reasons, I wasn’t ready to “pull the trigger” until last spring.  We kept in touch sporadically over my two-year delay. She even asked if I was interested in going out with one of her clients when I had not joined the service, as she thought we would like each other.  We did, but I was about to begin travelling extensively so we just had a lovely dinner.

When I signed on as a client 11 months ago, I was set up with two other men before this one.  Both of the others were very reasonable potential matches even though we didn’t click as I did with the third.  Throughout my dealings with Rebecca, she has been consistently caring and conscientious. I just trust her.  Even if for some reason (yet to be revealed) my current relationship does not work out, I will continue to hold Rebecca with the highest respect for her integrity, competence and judgment.


Janet from London – “You saved my life and my Tommy Tom’s and we will always be grateful to you.”


Allison from Toronto – “Just wanted to let you know in writing that I’ll be putting my membership on hold as James and I both feel that we have a wonderful connection and want to pursue a relationship together.

Although it was a rocky start it was well worth it.  I think James is a very decent and good person (not to mention crazy attractive) and great tennis player!!  We have amazing chemistry and I really believe our values are very similar and that’s what is most important to me.

I want to thank everyone I worked with at Match Me for the nice encouragement – without that I’m not sure I would agreed to meet James!! I’m beyond happy with James!”


Wendy from Toronto –  “I’ve been out twice with him and we get along like a house on fire. Good pick! We are having dinner again on Tuesday!” *Update  – 6 months later – “We are seeing each other ever few days!”


Ali from Toronto – “Things are progressing really well! I still totally like him so that’s a good sign :). It’s both of our busy season, so meeting up has been a bit difficult, but we talk almost every day and spend time together when we can. I’m really positive it’s going in the right direction. Thanks again for finding him – still have that ‘needle in a haystack’ feeling!”


Vicky from Toronto – “We are going on the 4th date!”


Tiffany from Peterborough – “Marks seems like a really great guy and a good catch.  I’d like to see where this goes.”


Alison from Toronto – “I really like him. Already! He’s everything I’ve looked for – funny,
smart, athletic, tall…such a good match!”


Dana from Peterborough – “I have only met Rob once. We are getting together again this week. We seem to get along great (fingers crossed).
I guess I will have a better sense after this week.

I am sure I am probably breaking some kind of “Match Me rule” but I am still seeing Gary too. They are polar opposites.

Gary is very sweet and kind but painfully shy and quiet. It is a good thing I like to talk or there would be a whole lot of silence (lol).

Rob on the other hand, is confident, bordering on cocky. We have lots in common and talk on the phone almost everyday.

Enjoy your week.


Steve from Peterborough – “It’s going so well it’s hard to believe.  I can’t thank you guys enough.”


Adrian from Toronto – “She was impressive, very attractive, and we have a lot in common with our jobs, background and living abroad etc.  I thought the conversation was great… she is an extraordinarily intelligent woman.  We’ve set up dinner on Tuesday already for a second date to see where things go from there.


Jen from Lakefield –“Hi Rebecca, Paul is amazing, he spent the night–we’d discussed it beforehand…dinner and conversation was fantastic. No lag whatsoever. He went quiet ’round 10ish this morning…after hours of chatting, holding etc., jus’ so ya know: I DON’T do this.

He has been full-on “we”/”us” –I’ve learned to take this in stride so much as one can…but there it is. As I said to him, I could kick myself six ways from Sunday for being so stupid and trusting! Yup. That sums it up.  You were right, and really you made an amazing combination of things come together. You did good Kid!!”

Cheryl from Calgary AB – “I want to thank you for introducing me to Michael, for taking the chance and contacting another matchmaker and opening up your business to her in order to find someone for me.  Michael and I just
returned from a weekend in Vegas, which was an impromptu suggestion on his part and we had a fabulous time together. We flowed through the weekend as though we had known each other five years. Both of us were surprised how well we get along.  For my part there are just so many things about Michael that I admire and of course our physical chemistry is thrilling :). He is someone I hope to spend a long long time with.”


Jen L from The Kawarthas – “As you’ve know, we’ve hit it off instantly! Great match – he’s charming, funny, caring, and so much more – we have fun when we’re together – which is all the time, and have the same interests and life goals.”


Debbie from Durham – “May I just start out by saying that being a client of Match Me has been an uplifting experience. I have total trust in Rebecca Cooper (owner). Through her evenings of meet and greet, I have met a few different men. I was also introduced to an amazing man with whom I dated for 9 months. We have since decided that we are better friends than lovers but continue to have a relationship on a friend level. The only reason we are able to continue to be friends is Rebecca matching us up in our interests and personalities perfectly. We both enjoy so many of the same things and always have a good time and never run out of things to talk about. I’m thankful everyday for the opportunities that I’ve had to meet men through her.

It’s difficult in this day and age to meet singles that are looking for serious long-term commitments. I am not a person who believes in picking up a bar and have lost faith in singles dances so this has been a great modality for meeting like-minded singles.
Through the singles evenings, I’ve also had the opportunity to meet up with other women in my community and have made new friends that way. Being a part of Match Me is a real asset to our community and Rebecca is a real asset to Match Me.
When I have questions about dating and the process to go through, Rebecca has been quick to answer anything I might not be sure of. She’s been eager to help with ideas on dressing for the occasion. She’s also been an inspiration and helped in lifting my spirits and many others that I know. She helps give you the confidence to move forward and not accept failure in the whole dating process. I thank her for that.
Conquering some of those obstacles are part of the road to success and she doesn’t give up on us so we can’t give up on us either.

Debbie Bonang”


Wendy – I first met Rebecca from Match Me about four years ago when she was starting her service. I was immediately impressed with her enthusiasm and lively interest in me. Rebecca listened closely to my requirements and gave me great feedback. As I got to know her better, I found she was very organized as well as kind and discreet.

 I would highly recommend Rebecca and her service.

Wendy D.


Ian from Calgary AB – “Barb and I have just celebrated our one year anniversary since our first date through Match Me. We are so grateful that Rebecca matched us. Her service has changed our lives and we would recommend her services to any singles looking for a long term relationship. We were even featured on a local radio program talking about our experience with Match Me and that was very exciting. Rebecca’s kind caring and hard working approach make her the confident choice. When it comes to choosing a Match Making professional Rebecca is the real deal!

Barb and Ian”

Ian from Calagry AB – “Hi Rebecca, Just wanted to let you know what Barb and I are up to. This may come as a surprise but we pulled up roots and are now living in Alberta just south of Edmonton. We came out here last fall to visit my son and to check it out as a possible place to live as we both get laid off work every year. Well I found a job the first week we were here so Barb went back to Ptbo packed up and sold the house. Barb started a job a few weeks ago. We miss Ptbo but we love it here it is such a great place to live. We have made a few friends and are getting involved with the community by joining the Optimist Club here. We both love to X country ski and have been out several times. It has been a monumental move for us but it is all working out great. We hope your new venture in Toronto is going well and hope you are making lots of couples happy as you have Barb and I, we are forever grateful to you.

Take care, Ian

An engagement that led to a marriage soon after…

Dianne and Bob – Thanks for your good wishes on our engagement. You said it last January when you set it up with Bob and Me. He is a truly good man – kind – caring – considerate and very loving. I thank you for matching me up with Bob. Plans are very incomplete at this point, but we will keep you informed.

We wish you the best of luck in both of your businesses. We tell everyone where we met and highly recommend you and your service.

Again thanks for everything,


Dolores and John were each others first match, and he was Rebecca’s  first client she ever signed on – May 17th 2009

When I got back from my trip through the Dakotas, Wyoming and Montana with my girls from Sask, he surprised me with a ring. It’s really beautiful and just what I wanted … NOT a diamond, an Aquamarine. Nice. We had been talking about getting married for a while, but he knew I had this mental 2 year rule in my head, so he proposed over champagne breakfast on May 17th, exactly 2 years after we met.  We’re so happy, ALL THANKS TO YOU!!  Here’s the corker… we’re getting married a week from tomorrow at my (now OUR) place with a few family members and a couple of close friends — 12 people. The party will follow … maybe in September???
We’ll try to pop in and see you, but things are really crazy. He’s a rock though… I’m buried alive here at the office and with my classes, and he just juggles all the balls, holds down the fort and takes care of me, all with a big smile on his face. He’s amazing… I think I’ll keep him!
Hope life is good for you and that you’re enjoying summer!
Lots of love,


Michael from Toronto

Rebecca, you couldn’t have found a better match for me with Sabrina, we are very connected and having a great time.


Jenny from Toronto

He’s really everything I ever wanted in a man!


Craig from Toronto

Everything is going really well. she is very kind and caring and I love that about her.
We spend a lot of time together and the last 2 weekends were crazy with her birthday and Valentines. I met her family on her birthday so that was cool.  Thanks for the introduction.

Janet from London

Just a brief note to say I think you made a match Mrs Matchmaker, Tom and I appear to be working our. Thanks you saved my life Rebecca.



V.S from Toronto

I have been a registered member with Ms. Rebecca Cooper since January 2013, and she is simply the best matchmaker you can hope to have.

She has gone over and beyond the norm to introduce me to desirable matches by paying close attention to my expectations, and working diligently to introduce me to leading eligible bachelors, including an European prince. In addition, Rebecca commands the respect of her international peers in the matchmaking industry, who are always ready and willing to work with her as part of an elite global team to find me an ideal partner.
She always immediately replies every time I communicate with her…as early as 7:00am to close to midnight, and even on a Sunday. I also love her frequently published, well written, relevant, and informative columns on a gamut of relationship matters.
Rebecca is more than a skilled matchmaker…she has become a trusted and dear friend. Without her, I would not have been presented with such wonderful opportunities for lasting love.
V.S., Toronto, Ontario

Andrew from Etobicoke

When it comes to matchmaking no other name comes to mind other than the one and only “Rebecca Cooper”. She shows so much passion and love for what she does and selects amazing matches.

Its quite simple. Matchmaking= Rebecca Cooper. Just like Michael Jordan= basketball.

She doesn’t just put matches together but really try’s to understand what your exactly looking for in a partner and selects a candidate very carefully with precision and accuracy.

I love dealing with Rebecca because I know I will be always well looked after.

Her bubbly personality, positive attitude and enthusiasm is what makes Rebecca so successful, not too mention her cute laugh:)

Also, her dating and relationship advice is phenomenal and bang on.

Someone can be going through the worst relationship experience and you talk to Rebecca and automatically have a better perspective and feel more confident.

Rebecca is amazing in every way and I highly recommend her as the best matchmaker there is.