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Loving couple in the park. Vintage retro style with light leaksOnce we find (or hear from) a fabulous single, our next step is having them fill out our Confidential Questionnaire, which we then review to see if they are a suitable match for one of our clients. If so, the single meets and gets screened by a Match Me representative and then we create a detailed personalized profile about them. The process of meeting, screening and creating a profile for the single takes about 2.5 hours. This is time spent on your behalf, whether or not you decide to be matched with this introduction. We meet many wonderful singles who are ready for a committed relationship. At times, we find we are in a meeting with a single who doesn’t seem emotionally or mentally available to join our service. We wish them luck on their search and offer alternative options to help them with what they need.

Introducing YOU to Singles

When we have an introduction for you, we will send you an email with information about your match. Please note that finding a suitable person to introduce to you may take time, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Personalized Profile

The personalized profile we will provide to you will give you an understanding of your match’s personality, interests, family relationships and professional success. We are sending you this introduction because we feel like there is potential for success, and we encourage you to meet this person.

We will not disclose the age of your introduction to you, and will also not share a photo. We want to give you opportunities in this process without limiting yourself. Once you confirm that you would like to meet this person we will swap contact numbers. We always suggest the man contact the women within a few days.

Let’s Meet!

Side view of happy mature couple driving red cabriolet on sunny dayWe can meet you in a location around Toronto or the GTA that is easily accessible. *review meeting locations 

Match Me Canada understands the importance of being clear and concise with clients about realistic expectations around dating, and also using a matchmaking services. We recognize that we both play a part in assisting you to meet that special someone. Meeting clients face-to-face is an integral part of our relationship. Being given the opportunity to build a relationship with you allows us to speak more openly and intimately about you on your behalf. This is complimentary to your life.

To Book a Phone Consultation with Matchmaker Rebecca Cooper Traynor CLICK HERE

Let’s Meet! Please note we charge a consultation fee of $250 plus applicable taxes. This is to be paid before our meeting date, and will be deducted from your membership fee when you join our service.


Where we meet our clients for interviews and to sign them on to our service:

Meeting Locations

The Keg York Street   165 York Street Toronto, Ontario (416) 703-1773

Oliver& Bonacini Bayview Village 2901 Bayview Ave, Toronto (416) 590-1300

Out of town? We are also available to have a Skype meeting with you if this option works.