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Introducing Match Me Canada’s Coaches


Rebecca Cooper Traynor

Founder & Matchmaker

Born and raised in North Toronto, Rebecca’s entrepreneurial spirit was fueled by her hard-working parents. Both business owners, they inspired her to reach for her dreams and to never compromise where her heart was concerned. Her first venture, a fashion boutique in Peterborough, Ontario, became the proving ground for her relationship expertise. While connecting with her customers and finding out the intimate details of their love lives – or lack thereof – she discovered she had a knack for relationships: establishing, building, nurturing, encouraging and maintaining them. But it went much further than the brand or the business; it was more about the people, and her ability to see the invisible connective lines that others, apparently, could not. Her natural way with both men and women, combined with her uncanny ability to see the heart behind the smile, she decided that it was time to make a difference. Realizing her passion for helping others find their happiness, she made it official in 2009, and the Match Me brand was born. As the business took on a life of its own, she sold the boutique in 2012 to concentrate fully on Match Me, acquiring an established matchmaking agency in Toronto and rebranding the company into Match Me Toronto, and later Match Me Canada. She now divides her time between Toronto and her home in Prince Edward County, where she shares her life with her winemaker husband, Mike Traynor, son Quintin and daughter Audrey.

June Cassie

June Cassie

Matchmaker and Recruiter

June has been in the matchmaking industry for a few years, and brought with her some priceless resources that Match Me Canada has since become the recipient of. With her natural ability to stay calm, cool and collected, she always follows her gut and gets straight to the point. June works directly with Rebecca in meeting and screening new clients, and is a true force of nature with her matchmaking intuition. She has an extensive network in the Toronto area, and is always recruiting new and exciting singles to the utter delight of our clients.


Match Me Canada

Carrie T

Matchmaker & Introduction Specialist

Carrie’s ability to understand the client’s needs and wishes is truly remarkable. She offers comfort but also encouragement, that has been helpful in supporting our clients to find love. Her natural intuition is what drives her to get singles matched and her growing track record of successful introductions is impressive. She is known to offer some of the best dating advice to those looking at how to turn dating into a long-standing relationship.

Allison C

Matchmaker & Introduction Specialist

Allison has a long-standing history of supporting people to get what they desire. She’s a great listener, quick learner and offers remarkable customer service. She’s new to our team but you wouldn’t know it based on the interactions with her. Allison has a passion to not only offer great service but introduce the clients to compatible matches in hopes for long-standing love connections.

susy fonseca

Susy Fonseca

Self-Fulfillment Coach

Everybody has one aspect of their life (relationships, career) that continually leaves them feeling frustrated. Whatever it might be, they seem to attract the same situation over and over again, and always get the same result. If this sounds like you, if you want to change this but don’t know how, it might be time to invest in your well-being. When we understand our patterns, we are well-equipped to deal with what may come. Understanding how we connect our actions to our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs is the key to mastering this challenge, allowing us to actively change the course of the challenges we face. Susy works closely with you to help identify these patterns, advising you on the meaningful shifts that you need to make to realize your desired outcome. Working with Susy will renew your sense of direction and bring good old-fashioned enjoyment back to your daily life.