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Nobody said that being in a relationship was easy.

When a relationship gets difficult, it’s easy to throw in the towel too soon.It’s easy to say things that you later regret.It’s easy to use the anger you’ve carried forward from past relationships against your new partner.

The truth is, if your relationship was worth taking a chance on, it’s worth finding out if there’s still anything left of it to save.

Now, I don’t know your circumstances, and I’m not saying that the relationship you are in is worth saving because I don’t know for sure.It’s possible that you should have removed yourself from the situation a long time ago. Maybe it’s for the best.

But, if the only counsel you have sought out is from your friends and closest connections, then I’m going to ask you to take a moment. Just breathe.

There was a time when this relationship was what you wanted. Do you remember?

The truth is, relationships have their highs and lows. Strong connections are fueled with passion but, often, they are missing a component that is crucial to a lasting connection:


Lives get busy. People are often too invested in themselves and their careers, leaving their partner feeling lonely and underappreciated. The mind starts to work overtime, the inner dialogue asserts itself. Assumptions seem to be clear-cut. Decisions are seriously considered, final decisions are made, and before you know it, it’s over, before you even had a chance to find out whether that initial spark still burns.

Before you make a drastic move that can’t be undone, we encourage you to speak with an expert who will hear you out and help you come to a resolution that is right for you and your relationship. It may not happen overnight, but putting positive energy into healing your heart, mind, and soul first, before considering what happens in your relationship – this is essential.


Don’t lose yourself. You are too important.

Many people would simply prefer to walk away from a bad relationship rather than do the work of revitalizing your relationship. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. It might be you, it might be the other person, but most often it’s a combination of attitudes and behaviors that lead us to cause hurt. We hurt others to protect ourselves and more often than not, we, too, get hurt in the process.

Are love and relationship coaching for you?

We know you probably have plenty of people to talk to. However,your friends, while well-meaning and entirely in your corner, are not relationship experts. They are biased to your way of thinking and behaving, and they will almost always be on your side, no matter what. This is not necessarily a good thing.

If you struggle with making sense of relationship issues, you are not alone. But just as you wouldn’t trust your veterinarian to give you a root canal, you probably shouldn’t put your heart in the hands of someone who, while they want only the best for you, they see just one side of the problem.

Objective, unbiased, discreet love and relationship advice.

If your current relationship is in trouble, having an unbiased, objective point of view from a relationship specialist could make all the difference. A love coach can help you better understand the dynamics of your relationship and may help you determine whether there is indeed something there to be saved.

A relationship coach will help you learn more about your relationship style, your wants versus your needs, how to put your expectations into perspective, and how to reconcile these things to your dating life or to a relationship you are currently in.

Just as quickly as they can go from great to bad, relationships can go from bad to better. A shift in your understanding and approach can lead you to see your situation differently.

Maybe it’s worth saving. Either way, let’s find out.

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