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31, An attractive natural beauty, a girl next door with an engaging smile. She is a petite brunette with curves, looking for a fun, active, smart, and family oriented man. She is financially established, has studied at University and college: eager to embrace an exciting new career. Her physical and social engagements connect her to a diverse network of friends and activities in her neighbourhood just west of Toronto. She is an intelligent, happy young woman, a lover of outdoor and social challenges, looking for a partner to share her life.


49, A striking 5’7” lady with a sophisticated and elegant air. She has beautiful long brown/blonde hair and a sometimes sassy smile. Her demeanour is both dressy and casual and her personality is caring and fun. She has a several degrees which fit her in her role as a well regarded professional in the Toronto educational system. Her love of the city’s cultural scene includes, concerts, live music, theatre, and live sporting events. She participates in skiing, golf, tennis, and sailing at a level that she is keen to improve. As an independent woman with no children she has been free to explore numerous North American destinations, but now looking for adventure elsewhere, and with a partner. She has achieved success in her field and anticipates embracing a loving future with an active, masculine partner who is caring and intelligent.


54, Tall, fit, and handsome with fair hair. A very attractive and masculine guy has a smile and manner that invite engagement, which comes naturally to him. University studies allowed him to easily achieve success in a senior role. He is very at ease and comfortable with females in social and family environments, and enjoys their company. He speaks directly, no games, is a great guy who is well liked. He is socially liberal and open minded. His fitness regime includes regular gym visits, golf, and plenty of cycling. He has favourite locales are in Europe for cycling to keep fit, and Scottsdale for cycling and and relaxation. He values friendships and is involved. He finds kind, caring, spontaneous and funny ladies to be very attractive!! Are you in the GTA and Niagara region?!


51, Robust, voluptuous and attractive woman, 5’6” with a slender build. She is upbeat, trendy, and interested in things creative: theatrical writing, performing and running a little business. Has a passion for culture activities and cottages, with the energy to enjoy both. Has no children, but likes children. Cruising suits her lifestyle and anticipating them gives her great pleasure! She’s easy to get to know, generally happy with life but would love a great guy to have by her side.


35, Handsome, tall, dark haired, Middle Eastern, with a physique that attracts. He’s young, confident, ambitious, and kind. When he was not so involved with his work he volunteered in his field. He is a successful professional at the stage where a loving partner and the possibility of creating a family are a in focus. He is hard working but socializes with friends and enjoys live sporting events. Formerly a soccer player he’s still passionate about watching and would travel to Europe for a good game!


56, Attractive, lean and fit lady. She has energy galore and intellectual focus and achievement in spades. She loves learning and is passionate about applying her talent to new endeavours. Her independent spirit serves her well in her career choices. She has grown children who are independent allowing her time and space for a great romance. She’s open to travelling the world and to exploring the myriad of things that Toronto offers, with a loving partner.


53, Beautiful lady, 5’1”with long black hair and a winsome, kind smile. She is a petite athletic power house, where team sports keep her body defined and fit. She is a sophisticated and classy woman with great fashion sense. She is a successful lawyer in the GTA, a divorced mother of 2. Her interest in culture and travel keeps her engaged with close friends. A man who is involved in sports, cares about about family, and is her intellectual equal would suit this pretty woman. The love of her life will be passionate and active.


32, She’s a youthful, attractive gal, 5’3, of Asian background. She’s a lovely and pretty brunette with a trim body, due in part to regular visits to the gym and healthy eating habits. She’s a well educated gal with a Masters degree and a successful partner in a firm. She participates in sports including golf, and tennis, loves cottage life and enjoys attending charity events, concerts and sporting events. She is a city girl with a balanced work/life ethic. She envisions sharing a beautiful life in a traditional relationship with a loving life partner.


35, He’s a classy, nice looking man, 5’9′ with an average build. He is a successful entrepreneur who sometimes travels internationally for business, it would be a bonus if his partner would join him on such trips. He loves to discuss world issues and business and welcomes the opinion of others. He has a condo in Toronto where his cultural and social options are available and convenient. He is a romantic, loves opera, fine cuisine, and fine wines. He is passionate and is looking forward to meeting his person match, his preference is Sikh or Hindu.


47, She’s a tall and vibrant woman. She is uniquely attractive, with dark blonde shoulder length hair, large green eyes and a slim fit build. She is passionate about life and her enthusiasm shows. She’s entrepreneurial and a local professor, with an acute interest in museums, culture and heritage. She keeps current on local events and also world issues. She is a divorced with 3 children, two who are independent. She has her own home in Toronto with a garden, and enjoys entertaining her close friends. They agree that she is calm, and kind. Her desire is to meet a handsome, sophisticated gentleman, who, like her is financially sound and is vibrant and fun.