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Are you a match for one of our clients? Find out today by completing the confidential questionnaire; it will help us learn more about you. Please provide as much information as you can that will help us gain a better knowledge of who makes your tick.

Please note we will only contact you if we feel like you may be a match for one of our clients. We will keep your profile on hand until you let us know you are in a relationship and would like to be taken out of our database.

We will contact you by email initially; please save our email in your address book, if we are unable to reach you we will call you and leave a discreet message.

Our demographic is 30 – 65 -year-olds living in Toronto and the GTA. Please do not join our network if you are living outside of Canada.

Complete our matchmaking intake questionnaire below and help us learn why you are a great catch. If you would like more information on our services to become a client, please book a call with a Match Me Canada representative

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